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Joined 2020-05-12

I'm Pal Teleki, professional drummer based on Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain).
My musical life has started on clarinet when I was 6, I used to play in marching bands and a junior big band,
then my interest turned to play on drums.

After the highschool in 2002 I went to study to Kobanyai Zenei Studio in Budapest (Hungary), which is a conservatory of the jazz, pop and rock music. After this I played big bands, show bands, theatres, R&B and
pop bands, etc. as a drummer.Then, in 2009 I spent a year on the department of musicology-conductor on the Eszterhazy Karoly University, Eger (Hungary). I didn't finish the study on the university because I had a chance to come to Lanzarote and I work here since than, since 2010.

Currently I have 3 bands: The Perfect Circus, Intrinsic, The Gathering.
I'm also able to record drums, mixing and mastering records in my home studio.

Thank you for reading this introduction !

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